34" LiveWell 30 v.1.2

$ 2,200.00 $ 1,900.00

Fully cylindrical, 30 gallons of under the seat convenience and usable capacity and it comes out of the crate almost ready for fishing! You just have to provide your own recirculating pump, chiller and on/off switches because we've already installed everything else!

You don't need to have your live fish in the dark as our LiveWell 30 comes with a thick plexiglass top lid for sunlight or an already installed powerful LED conveniently placed inside the well for you to check on their health. It sports 2 dual purpose, easy on and off ports: one center mounted at the dimpled bottom of the circular well for draining / overflow and another side and top mounted for filling / aeration.

It sports a big, 11 x 15 inch fully marine spec access hatch on the right side for easy access to your pump, chiller and other electronics.


Overall measurements:

Width at deck level: 34 inches.

Depth: 32 inches.

Height of Fiberglass base: 29 inches.

Overall height (with backrest): 47 inches.


  • 3 large rod holders, white rubber lined, welded to the backrest.

  • Cylindrical (22" diameter x 21" height) 30 gallon (usable volume, nominal: 36 gal.) under the seat live well, with pre-installed center placed, dual purpose and easy on/off 1 1/2 inch overflow / drain and top, side mounted 3/4 inch fill / water aerating ports.

  • 1 circular marine proof LED light conveniently placed inside the well.

  • SS latched, heavy duty 7/16 inch thick transparent plexiglass top lid, with SS, marine grade hinge.

  • Rugged 26 inch wide and 13 inch deep plush but firm seat in pleated white marine specific upholstery with white piping. Cushion assembly constructed from marine spec foamed StarBoard® PVC, epoxied to a marine anodized aluminum base and covered with closed cell also marine spec charcoal flotation foam.

  • Bright finish marine spec Anodized 1 - 1/2 inch diameter, schedule 40 TIG fillet welded 6061-T6 series aluminum backrest structure that guarantees strength and durability.

  • Right side mounted 15 x 11 inch access door, latched and sealed for the marine environment, for easy access to your recirculating water pump, chiller or other electronics.

  • Ribbed extra wide extruded profile adds grip and comfort to the retractable and recessed foothold.

  • Hand laid, 4 ply fiber glass construction over 3/4 thickness marine spec foam.

  • Extra thick gel coating for the exterior shell as well as the well holding tank to make its surface impervious to fish ammonia or any additives / chemicals you could use for keeping your live fish healthy.

  • We now offer this seat in different upholstery colors and piping and with customized embroidered upholstery to display your hull's brand or your boat's name as an option. Contact us for details.

  • All of our leaning posts are Lifetime Guaranteed for all aluminum and welded parts and have a 90 day warranty on material or craftsmanship defects on all upholstery and fiberglass components.

  • All of our leaning posts are 100% proudly manufactured in the USA, by Americans, with locally sourced materials and components. Make America great by BUYING from American craftsmen!