Custom Deluxe HD Fixie Hemingway Mk. IV - Armrests

$ 2,799.00
Base Overall Width: 34"
Base Upholstery & Color: Pleated White
Base Structure Finish: Bright Anodized Aluminum


Seat Height: 32" to the top of the cushion.

Armrest Height: 42" to the center of the armrest cushion.

Overall Height: 45" to the top of the backrest.

Seat Width: available from  34" to 50".

Overall Depth: 14" from the front to the back of the mounting pads.

Weight: 65 lb


    • Firm but supple armrests wrapping structural TIG-welded aluminum for ultimate cruising comfort and safety.

    • Fixed backrest design specially built for uncompromising offshore heavy-duty angling.

    • Marine anodized 1 1/2 inch diameter, schedule 40 TIG fillet welded 6061-T6 lightweight but sturdy aluminum structure.

    • 4 deluxe cup holders included as standard. 1 more can be added from 36" up to 38" wide seats. 2 more of each for 40" up to 50".

    • Recessed double independently retractable footrests with a ribbed extruded aluminum profile for extra grip and safety. 

    • Deep and wide powder-coated aluminum under-seat storage tub keeps stuff close and handy but out of sight and dry.

    • Cooler storage space built under the seat with a Velcro adjustable ballistic nylon securing strap and a quick-release heavy-duty side buckle that allows for a securely held cooler that you can open without unstrapping.


    This fourth design iteration of the Custom Deluxe Heavy Duty Hemingway Edition leaning post sports double recessed footrest for increased helming comfort and shingle protection, a ribbed extruded footrest center spar for unrivaled grip and safety, flat oval-shaped lightweight structural reinforcements throughout the sturdy yet lightweight structure, a deeper, plusher seat cushion, up to 6 cup holders, twin span support bars that double as crew handholds, side curved handholds, deeper and wider (as in way bigger) under the seat aluminum powder-coated storage tub with a marine-grade, 316 Stainless Steel seat stay wire to better support the seat while in the open position.

    This leaning post has a marine anodized 1 1/2 inch diameter, schedule 40 TIG fillet welded 6061-T6 aluminum structure that guarantees strength and durability as all structural parts in our seats are welded, never screwed nor bolted together.  The super tough aluminum structure is offered here in bright and shiny marine spec anodized bare aluminum as standard but is also available in 5 popular high thickness powder coating colors for the best marine environment surface protection possible that also compliments your boat's color scheme and gives it a distinguished accent.

    It also incorporates a cooler storage space under the seat with a 2-inch ballistic nylon securing strap, Velcro adjustable to your cooler's girth, plus a heavy-duty 2-inch wide slide buckle to quickly release your cooler. At this vertical separation from the seat's lower structure, you can partially open your cooler without having to unstrap it, a safety and convenience-adding feature.

    The post’s upholstery is also fully customizable and is offered in a vast color selection of the toughest, thickest gauge Nautolex® marine vinyl available that’s also abrasion and puncture resistant. It covers a marine environment resistant thick gauge StarBoard® PVC backing over tough but resilient high density closed cell charcoal flotation foam.

    Our no holds barred material selection compliments our superior craftsmanship and uncompromising attention to detail and comes together in a high-value seat that will serve you for many seasons with minimum or no maintenance needed. And to show we mean no empty boast on our claims all of our leaning posts are Lifetime Guaranteed for all aluminum and Stainless Steel welded parts and have a 90-day warranty on material or craftsmanship defects on all upholstery components.

    And to top it off, all of our leaning posts are 100% proudly manufactured in the USA, with all tools, parts, and materials locally sourced.

    We are currently only offering this leaning post with LOCAL PICKUP at our SW Miami shop. You can order it shipped to your address within the contiguous 48 states for an additional fee but it also only ships freight, so you need to supply us with a commercial address. If you only have available a residential address you will need to pick it up at the nearest FedEx location.