HLT-1.1 Foamcore Fiberglass Hard Top - Replacement, Top Only

$ 4,300.00 $ 4,100.00

The basis of most of our medium length hard top series (ideally suited for center console or walkaround sports fisherman's on the 24 to 30 feet LOA), this lightweight but sturdy top owes its solid hardcore properties to its hand laminated, 4-ply fiberglass over foam sandwich construction. You can step on it and even try some jumping with confidence. It feels solid underfoot but you can pick it up unassisted too.

It sports a streamlined 18 liter (approx. 34" x 26" x 9") electronics/storage box molded in a front and central location plus a strengthening ribbing which doubles as a cable conduit for both the 2 front located 6.6" Dia. loudspeaker and back pointing -45 degree LED light coamings. On request, it can be pre-wired or we can pre-install conduits to accommodate any radar, radio or searchlight installation.

It also comes standard with 4 1/4 inch thick aluminum plates sandwiched into the lower molding as extra support and increased screw holding capacity for structural mounting. Other custom structural reinforcements options are available upon request.

It comes standard in off-white gel coat but can also be customized to customer specs.