$ 1,400.00 X

With higher marks in practicality, good looks and durability, this marine grade fiberglass and aluminum leaning post combines a live bait well with all the trimmings (LED lightning, water recirculation and aerating pump) enclosed in the base of the seat as well as two rod holders, a white powder coated aluminum backrest /hand hold structure and our superbly crafted and super durable marine grade upholstery. The clear acrylic well lid let’s you check at a glance your bait’s mobility and the enclosed combination recirculation pump/water aeration system will keep your bait alive and well rested for you to extract a lively fishing session.  There's also a storage compartment in the lower front side of the seat for convenient storage and access to the well's machinery.

 Please use the provided upholstery color samples to select the base and accent color.  Base upholstery colors only offered only in light tones as it could become extremely hot if under direct sunlight.  If you need a darker base color for your seat please contact us.

Vendor: WW Anchor Brand

Type: Leaning Posts