$ 1,250.00 X

NEW 2 large, 3 inch dia. cup holders.

NEW 10 inch deep rod holders 2 point soldered for extra reliability.

NEW Recessed footrest. Zero shingle contact when in the up position.

• Extra, span handhold incorporated to back rest.

• Flat oval structural tubing cross members, reinforce and make for a lighter, stiffer seat.

• Structural front cooler stop, allows you to fold up your footrest and not worry of your smaller cooler slipping under your feet at an inconvenient moment.

• Handsome, minimalist fixie design.

• Fully powder coated structure (your choice of RAL classic system color) and best quality carbon fiber deeply textured upholstery included in price. 


The Malibu is a fisherman leaning post that could perfectly fit any racing, Cigarette style, deep-V boat. It's angular cushion geometry plus the racing inspired upholstery pattern speaks of the off-shore racing heritage imbedded in it's creator's history.  Welding World's craftsman team was gathered in Miami, and this city was after all the epicenter of the Cigarette style racing boat boom of the 80's.

Racy looks apart, this seat sports 100% pure sport fisherman functionality plus some nice amenities such as the couple of extra large, 3 inch in diameter welded cup holders placed in the backrest between the standard four 10 inch deep rod holders soldered at the upper and lower backrest 1 inch in dia. spans. Then we added another madrill, cold bent span soldered further back that also doubles as a convenient hand hold.

Our craftsmen have gotten hold of a new material in the form of an aluminum structural profile that is flat on the front but gently oval in it's sides and it's getting some extensive use in the 2015 line of extra light but even more sturdy leaning posts. Proof of that is the extra wide, 4 inch by 1/8" thick lateral span that beautifully accents the sides of this seat apart from giving it an extra tight lateral rigidity and overall strength.

The Malibu also has the new for the 2015 line recessed footrest that is conveniently out of the way when not deployed to minimize shin contact yet as useful and even more comfortable when needed thanks to, again, the use of the flat profile structural tubing.  Another comfort and functionality enhancing use of that flat profile is in the form of the folding footrest attach point, which doubles a front stop for your under the seat cooler which was always securely strapped on the back thanks to our standard 2 inch ballistic nylon securing strap, Velcro adjustable to your cooler's girth, plus a heavy duty 2 inch wide slide buckle to quickly release your cooler.

On the upholstery side the Malibu includes the highest end in marine upholstery materials in the form of a 2 color combination (your choice) of deeply textured, carbon fiber vinyl.  You can benefit from our fully customizable upholstery offering in a vast color selection of the toughest, thickest gauge marine vinyl available that’s also abrasion and puncture resistant.  It covers a marine environment resistant thick gauge PVC backing over tough but plush dual density closed cell charcoal foam. We now offer all of our seats with customized embroidered upholstery to display your hull's brand or boat name as an option. 

Our toughest and lightest yet aluminum structure is offered free of extra charge in the Malibu in an equally resistant powder coating that we carry in a wide gamut of colors and finishes to compliment your boat's color scheme and give it a distinguished accent. Just make sure of to include your RAL classic system color code choice in the notes window when you check out.

Our no holds barred material selection compliments our superior craftsmanship and uncompromising attention to detail and comes together in a high value seat that will serve you for many seasons with minimum or no maintenance needed. And to show we mean no empty boast on our claims all of our leaning posts are Lifetime Guaranteed for all aluminum and Stainless Steel welded parts and have a 90 day warranty on material or craftsmanship defects on all upholstery components.

And to top it off, all of our leaning posts are 100% proudly manufactured in the USA made only from parts and materials locally sourced.

Delivered to your doorstep with Free Shipping, only for the contiguous 48 states.

Vendor: WW Anchor Brand

Type: Leaning Posts