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All you could need to upgrade or modernize your fishing boat from a single, high quality, fast build /  shipping provider. We have been asked for (and have delivered also quite a few of) this combinations for our walk-in clients and recently decided to offer them in package, but still completely customizable form, here in our web store.  We have ample experience building up fiberglass as we did even have our own boat brand before the economic debacle had us reconceive our business, so we have you covered on that part and we're proven experts on welded aluminum hardware for marine use as well as marine specific upholstery applications so you could do much worse juggling various providers to assemble what we're already offering here at a nifty price point.

Our popular Standard T-Top is mated to our best selling leaning post, the Hot Mk. 2 and them with our versatile and ruggedly built fiberglass console Model A, all for this incredible price, and that shipped to any contiguous 48 US location!

Choose between a wide range of Sunbrella® colors for your T-Top's canvas and match it with a center color accent and additional color piping on your leaning post AND extra front molded seating in the Model A's.  The Model A console can accommodate almost any conceivable accessory apart from your boat's steering wheel and throttle. It sports a clear Lexan® windshield and 100% customizable access to it's cavernous interior space. Your new T-Top can be also optionally fitted with a 100% aluminum electronics box for outmost convenience and accessory protection.

Vendor: WW Anchor Brand

Type: T-Tops