Topgallant RT Hardtop T-Top

$ 7,500.00 $ 5,999.00

Esthetically, a perfect blend of straight and curved lines, our Topgallant RT hardtop is optimally suited for boats in the 20 to 25 feet LOA range. It's based on our newly redesigned short fiberglass top and can be a perfect complement to your bay boat or smaller center console saltwater.

Our design approach was to add minimum clutter by using the sturdiest tubing we could fit for a very strong but lightweight structure. Primarily straight but flowy lines provide an ultra-solid base to a top so sturdily built you can use it to stand, lay or whatever, just as if it was your boat's deck. The fiberglass hardtop is made out of 4-ply, hand laid, marine spec foam sandwich that is solid enough to practice some energetic dance moves on top of, center or rim. Take in account that your boat's deck is only 2-plies thicker, if that. The top surface is sand textured and comes fully gel coated in white but optionally in any solid color possible.

The purely tubular structure is built out of cold-formed 6061-T6 series aluminum tubing that comes standard in a bright anodized finish but can be optioned with any RAL standard powder coating color.

This top & structure combo is built, first and foremost, for all internal routing of wires ranging from radar, radio, sound, and lightning, in any combination thereof. Do check out our comprehensive list of options above and, if you don't see anything that is mission critical for you, do contact us for a full quote on it, because we certainly can do it.

This hardtop combo is offered at this price, fully installed on your boat, only if you are able to bring your boat to our Miami shop.