Welding World ST Hard T-Top

$ 7,800.00 $ 6,500.00

The ST is our latest T-Top offering for the 20 to 25 feet center console sportsfisherman boat segment. It features the same proprietary foamcore fiberglass mold of the RT, porting a molded-in, ample and streamlined electronics box as well as 2 - 6” dia. speaker boxes and 2 - 3” x 5” back angled LED ports, but the 6061-T6 marine anodized aluminum structure is made with flat sided extruded tubing that gives it a more wide, solid look and actually making it more rigid and somewhat increasing it's load bearing capacity. Design wise this top is all about streamlined minimalism, with 2 cold-formed schedule 40 4” wide sexily curved main columns and the front and 2- 2" wide back columns in the back and several 1” wide curved and also cold-formed struts and handholds. It has 2 aft facing columns that double as full height vertical handholds for added security and all internal cabling raceways pre-wired to your specs. The electronics box also includes a white 26” x 5.75” Starboard® marine PVC latch for the electronics box with all SS hardware.

At this price the ST line represents one of the best value and contemporary styled T-Tops in the US domestic marine market and is offered including custom fitting and installation to your boat's console in our Miami warehouse and with a standard list of user customizable options.