Welding World XS Canvas T-Top

$ 3,200.00 $ 2,400.00

The XS is one of our best value canvas T-Top offerings. It’s aimed for the 20 to 25 feet center console sportsfisherman boat segment and features a marine nylon braided Sunbrella canvas guaranteed to withstand multi-seasonal lengths of continuous exposition to the marine elements. The 6061-T6 marine anodized aluminum structure features 4 cold-formed schedule 40 2” dia. sexily curved main columns and several 1.5” also cold-formed struts. It sports all internal cabling raceways pre-wired to your specs and top (thru canvas), bottom, aft and fore facing plates for your lighting, pod mounted speakers or antennae mounting pleasure..

At this price this line of XS canvas T-Tops represent an unbeatable bang for your buck in the whole US marine market and is offered including custom fitting to your boats console in our Miami warehouse and with a standard list of user customizable options.