OEM Replacement Fuel Tanks

OEM Replacement Fuel Tanks


      Order your new tank worry-free with our 3-step spec confirmation system:

      1- PLACE your order, and as soon as possible we'll send you via email a set of drawings with all of your new tank's measurements according to our database.

      2-  CHECK that all measurements fit your needs, or make all reasonable changes to the tank's design to fit your project, and send them to us. We'll get back to you with a new set of drawings reflecting your modifications.

      3-APPROVE your new tank build and have your tank ready to ship or pickup within 2-workweeks.

      It's that easy! Buy your OEM replacement or custom aluminum marine fuel, water, or waste tank with us worry-free, as we will provide a full set of drawings for your new tank where you can check its compatibility with your old tank, and if you need to tailor some minor, reasonable mods like tucking half an inch here and extending an inch there, or moving a pickup, vent or fill port to a more convenient location.

      If you need to make a major modification to your tank order just contact us and we will accommodate your request at an agreed-upon price.

      If you don't see the tank you're looking for in the pages below click here and set up a custom tank build.

      Note: what we mean by net and nominal tank capacities: Net capacity refers to our CAD system's volume reading of the internal capacity of a given tank minus its walls and internal structure (baffles, etc); take it as an actual, or "usable" volume. Nominal capacity is when the boat manufacturer's indicated tank volume is available to us. Depending on the manufacturer that volume could be less than its net capacity as measured by our systems, sometimes more. So if you see any incongruency in your tank's capacity when compared to our published net capacity, please refer to our tank's dimensions as a better guide to its fit in your boat.

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