Outboard Engine Brackets

You could safely say that an outboard engine bracket is the ultimate add-on for almost any outboard equipped boat.

Almost all of the boat styles out there can benefit from an engine bracket but most especially those that put a premium on a substantial increment in speed and fuel range without having to replace costly outboard engines.

Even if an engine power upgrade is already in your list you can benefit from also having an overall better handling boat and one that can shoot out of the hole usually in half the time it used to take with the old engine placement as well as cruising dryer and at a flatter angle. It will also make your boat safer offering a way lower platform from which to push yourself up to the deck when in the water as well as the ideal place where to affix a swim ladder.

Our fabricators have been putting together engine brackets almost since they become a thing in deep-V offshore racing boats, whose roots can be followed back to our base in sunny Miami, arguably the US cradle of the class. We learned the ropes at the elbow of the greats back when Thunder Alley (NE 188th St.) was a barren expanse and three large warehouses where the fastest and meanest boats in the world were hand built, and have maintained, through different iterations, an uninterrupted presence in the Southern Florida boating scene ever since.


And there’s nothing small-time about our outboard engine bracket products as our stuff is sold as OEM to most of all Miami based boat manufacturers, and also some from up north, and we have type certifications from the NMMA, and the ABYC, and all of our brackets follow the latest ABYC TH-12's standards guidelines to the dot. If you have outboard engine bracket questions don’t hesitate and do contact us for a no compromise consultation.