Why a Welding World T-Top?

A quality T-Top for your sports fishing center console boat is a fairly easy investment to justify, just point upwards to whomever asks and say that in the sea the only shade to be had is the one you bring with you, but for the argument's sake it'll be our pleasure to help you along:

Upgrade and enhance the value of any boat. You’ll typically invest way less than the valorization. Specially if you get it from us!

Protect yourself from the inclement sun and marine environment in general. Have you seen the UV-B radiation rates nowadays? Cutaneous malignant melanoma is not something you wanna get by being scrimpy on your boat.

Negligible weight add-on by way of the lightweight trussed marine anodized 6061-T6 aluminum structural construction. Our hardtops are made exclusively with a foam core fiberglass molding process that allows for an ultra-lightweight but extra solid underfoot, non-flexible feeling product.

Added safety of helmsman and gaffer, helper or crew with an abundance of vertical and horizontal handholds.

Additional, high placed rod holders. (there’s no such thing as enough rod holders in a sportsfisherman).

Enhanced looks and pro appearance. Nothing says serious fisherman more than a well covered cockpit.

High pedestal position for mounting outriggers, GPS, FLIR Cams, Radar and other radio antennae. It’s also the ideal mounting location of running/position lights, spot and searchlights.

Ideally high & dry helm accessible electronics box location. Store your sensitive electronics in the most easy to access and monitor location in a center console boat. It’s also the best location for your entertainment system’s loudspeakers.

And our most important selling point: you’ll be hard pressed to find any other  manufacturer who offers the breadth and width of marine specific, offshore quality, center console sport fishing roofing options and build experience that we possess. We’ve forgotten more about sport boat outfitting, from multi-story high tuna towers to simple T-Tops, than many of our competitors will ever know. We’ve had an uninterrupted presence in the Miami sport boating scene from the days of Thunderboat Alley (our school, as a matter of fact) to the present. And we simply offer the best bang for your buck.

We’re very proud of our commercial relationship with the leading sportsfisherman builders in our area. We would like to think that we provide our OEM customers not only with great value on a series of nifty T-Tops but with a continuously nurturing relationship that allows us to keep on top of the latest design trends and tech innovations. The fact that we’re chosen by them as a top-tier provider and that we have maintained this relationships going on decades strong is proof enough of our commitment to quality in both our products and the service we provide through them.