38" Fixie Deluxe Xtra-Narrow
38" Fixie Deluxe Xtra-Narrow
38" Fixie Deluxe Xtra-Narrow
38" Fixie Deluxe Xtra-Narrow
38" Fixie Deluxe Xtra-Narrow
38" Fixie Deluxe Xtra-Narrow
38" Fixie Deluxe Xtra-Narrow
38" Fixie Deluxe Xtra-Narrow
38" Fixie Deluxe Xtra-Narrow
38" Fixie Deluxe Xtra-Narrow

38" Fixie Deluxe Xtra-Narrow

Regular price$ 3,545.00

  • Local pickup available
  • Over-sized & over-weight item.
  • Only Ships LTL Freight.
  • Call or text us Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. if in any doubt.
  • 4-weeks fabrication time. Can't rush quality.

In our ever-widening array of seating for the American sports fisherman we were thinking, perhaps, we're forgetting about our narrow decked confreres, who could also be needing a seat as cushy, comfy, and neat as this one, but now in a bowlegged version. We're calling it the "Xtra-Narrow" as it really is a step above in many of the dimensions that really count, but not in the ones you need to make it fit in your boat. We hope now there's no need to sacrifice creature comforts in the name of pure functionality.

This is our deepest fishing seat yet, it offers a whopping 21 plus inches seat depth, we're talking a fishing sofa equivalent here. And it's really not bad at 38" wide, And as always any kind of custom builds are available on request.

We are currently only offering this leaning post with LOCAL PICKUP at our SW Miami shop. You can order it shipped to your address within the contiguous 48 states for an additional fee but it also only ships freight, so you need to supply us with a commercial address. If you only have available a residential address you will need to pick it up at the nearest FedEx location.


  • 4 large rod holders and 3 large and deep deluxe polished cup holders.

  • Single folding footrest. Dual folding footrests are available on request.

  • 2 latched and sealed under-seat cabinets, bottom opening and holding 8 Plano® 3600 Series, big tackle boxes, measuring 11 x 7.25 x 1.75 inches, on both sides, plus a Yeti® bottle opener affixed on the right side (not shown in pictures), included in the price.

  • This is indeed our deepest, comfiest leaning post yet, sporting a 38 inches wide by 21.5 inches deep and plush, but firm, seat in solid white marine specific upholstery with white piping. Cushion assembly constructed from marine spec foamed StarBoard® PVC, epoxied to a marine anodized aluminum base and covered with closed-cell, also marine spec, charcoal flotation foam.

  • Bright finish marine spec Anodized 1 - 1/2 inch diameter, schedule 40 TIG fillet welded 6061-T6 series aluminum structure that guarantees strength and durability as all structural parts in our seats are welded, never screwed nor bolted together for unequaled reliability in tough angling situations.

  • Underseat wide and shallow (33" wide x 10" tall x 2" deep) storage powder coated tray keeps loose items (think cellphones and wallets) out of sight but handy and dry.

  • The ribbed extra wide extruded profile adds grip and comfort to the retractable and recessed foothold.

  • Welded, side handholds for added convenience and safety.

  • Welded plate style feet,  separate feet available by request.

  • We now offer this seat in different upholstery colors and piping and with customized embroidered upholstery to display your hull's brand or your boat's name as an option. Contact us for details.

  • All of our leaning posts are Lifetime Guaranteed for all aluminum and welded parts and have a 90-day warranty on material or craftsmanship defects on all upholstery components.

    All of our leaning posts are 100% proudly manufactured in the USA, by Americans, with locally sourced materials and components. Make America great by BUYING from American craftsmen!

    Due to this item's size and weight we can only ship it in an economical way via Less Than Truckload (LTL) consolidated land shipping, and only to the contiguous 48 States.

    For shipping inquiries to AK, HI, PR, US-VI, and international shipping, please contact us first at sales@weldingworldinc.com.

    All of the destinations above we can only serve as a Free Carrier (or FCA) modality, that requires the customer to contract and pay for their carrier service of choice. We can still ship the item, but only to a warehouse/receiving office within the 48-contiguous States.

    In plain terms what this means is that if you want to ship your product to any non-contiguous US territory or internationally, you, the customer, has to provide us with the warehouse address of the carrier that serves your locality with an address within the contiguous 48-US States, as we do not ship overseas on our own.

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