Standard High Flotation Single Outboard Engine Bracket - 14° Transom

$ 3,639.00

If an outboard engine bracket is the ultimate add-on for most outboard-equipped boats, this particular one will up the ante in almost all respects. You will not only benefit from a substantial increment in speed and fuel range without having to replace your existing outboard engine but you’ll also get away with repowering with a much powerful, and potentially heavy one, if you choose to. Your stance at rest will be at a flatter angle as the extra flotation volume, applied just at the right spot for maximum leverage, could help compensate for the extra weight of the bigger engine, but more than that you will indeed gain a flatter running angle, mostly due to the generous setback of this bracket. With that, you will gain a more efficiently running hull and a considerably drier cockpit

You will benefit from also having an overall better handling boat and one that can shoot out of the hole usually in half the time it used to take with the old engine placement. It will also make your boat safer offering a way lower platform from which to push yourself up to the deck when in the water as well as the ideal place where to affix an available as an option swim ladder. 

Our fabricators have been putting together engine brackets almost since they become a thing in deep-V offshore racing boats, whose roots can be followed back to our base in sunny Miami, arguably the US cradle of the class. We learned the ropes at the elbow of the greats back when Thunder Alley (NE 188th St.) was a barren expanse and three large warehouses where the fastest and meanest boats in the world were hand-built, and have maintained, through different iterations, an uninterrupted presence in the Southern Florida boating scene ever since.

And there’s nothing small-time about our outboard engine bracket products as our stuff is sold as OEM to most of all Greater Miami-based boat manufacturers and some of the biggest in upstate Florida, and we have type certifications from the NMMA and the ABYC. If you have outboard engine bracket questions don’t hesitate and do contact us for a no-compromise consultation.


  • This standard bracket's design is optimized for 14-degree transom angles.
  • All of the standard bracket models are typically in stock and ship faster than the custom models. Average door-to-door transit times to the contiguous US should be within the 3 weeks time frame. This item ships freight only, and we can only ship it to commercial addresses for this reason.
  • All-aluminum construction using 0.375” (transom and engine plates) and 0.250” (rest of the structure) thick cold-formed Alcoa 5052 H32 series sheets.
  • 54 gallons of added flotation volume in the deep-vee-shaped airbox for added dynamic stability and a flatter standstill attitude. 
  • Exclusive dual-electrostatic powdered-coatings: primer + gloss powder coating for the ultimate in marine environment protection. We first apply an electrostatic primer coat, oven-cure it, and then apply a thick, high mil powder coating for the final external coating. No other competitor in the market goes that far to ensure your new bracket's appearance and durability.
  • Awlgrip Sandtex textured, anti-slip treatment to the platform's top surface to ensure perfect traction, safety, and durability when wet.
  • Standard 2 x 3.75-inch saltwater specific sacrificial anodes (zincs).
  • Twist-off, wide 8-inch easy access marine spec hatch.
  • Includes all mounting aluminum backing plates, SS screws, and SS nuts.