Back Country 201 Proguide 46 gal. Tanque de combustible de repuesto OEM neto
Back Country 201 Proguide 46 gal. Tanque de combustible de repuesto OEM neto
Back Country 201 Proguide 46 gal. Tanque de combustible de repuesto OEM neto
Back Country 201 Proguide 46 gal. Tanque de combustible de repuesto OEM neto
Back Country 201 Proguide 46 gal. Tanque de combustible de repuesto OEM neto
Back Country 201 Proguide 46 gal. Tanque de combustible de repuesto OEM neto

Back Country 201 Proguide 46 gal. Tanque de combustible de repuesto OEM neto

Precio habitual$ 1,200.00

  • Local pickup available
  • Over-sized & over-weight item.
  • Only Ships LTL Freight.
  • Call us Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. if in any doubt.
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  • NOTA IMPORTANTE: El precio base es para retiro local en nuestra SW Miami Shop. Consulte las opciones de embalaje y envío a los 48 estados contiguos. Todos los tanques se fabrican por encargo y el plazo de fabricación es de 2 semanas laborales. La ventana de recolección del tanque terminado también es de 2 semanas laborales, así que asegúrese de poder recibir su tanque terminado dentro de ese plazo.

  • Comprar con confianza. Poco después de que se acredite su pago, se le enviará por correo electrónico un conjunto completo de dibujos para que verifique todas las dimensiones y las posiciones de los accesorios. Si hay alguna diferencia con su antiguo tanque, podemos hacer cualquier modificación razonable para satisfacer sus necesidades.

  • Esta versión de este popular barco es la que tiene los puertos de llenado y ventilación hacia adelante. Asegúrese de verificar la versión de 2005 que los tiene mirando hacia el lado de babor,

      • Construcción de aluminio serie Alcoa ® 5052 H32 de .190 de espesor.

        • Soldado GTAW (TIG) soldado a mano para superar los estándares ASME / ASW D3.7:2004.

          • Sherwin Williams® TarGard® Epoxi pintado para la mejor protección del medio ambiente marino.

            • Interruptor de láminas KUS® (ex-WEMA USA) y transmisor de nivel de combustible de flotador NBR.

              NOTA: ¡Compruebe minuciosamente las dimensiones de su tanque! Una vez que se fabrica y / o envía un tanque, no podemos ser responsables de los desajustes y no se aceptarán reembolsos o devoluciones. ¡Todas las ventas son finales!

              Plazo de ejecución de la fabricación (antes del envío): 2 semanas laborales.

              Envío: Solo flete a los 48 estados contiguos. Contáctenos para conocer las opciones de envío con costo adicional para HI y AK. Se aceptan envíos internacionales de transportistas con sede en EE. UU., pero contáctenos primero para coordinar los detalles.

              Due to this item's size and weight we can only ship it in an economical way via Less Than Truckload (LTL) consolidated land shipping, and only to the contiguous 48 States.

              For shipping inquiries to AK, HI, PR, US-VI, and international shipping, please contact us first at

              All of the destinations above we can only serve as a Free Carrier (or FCA) modality, that requires the customer to contract and pay for their carrier service of choice. We can still ship the item, but only to a warehouse/receiving office within the 48-contiguous States.

              In plain terms what this means is that if you want to ship your product to any non-contiguous US territory or internationally, you, the customer, has to provide us with the warehouse address of the carrier that serves your locality with an address within the contiguous 48-US States, as we do not ship overseas on our own.

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              I highly recommend WWI! Beautiful craftsmanship and high quality materials. Excellent prices, service and on time delivery. I purchased a Leaning Post in the bright brush aluminum finish and the welds are excellent / flawless!

              Robert Smith
              Port St. Lucie, FL

              Welding World is a top notch marine supplier. I am based in NJ and building a boat in Maryland. I had a leaning post custom made and a custom single engine 88" wide 30" deep bracket made from WW. The quality is second to none, Eddy is a pleasure to deal with, they both look beautiful, my boat manufacturer loved them and installed easily. Crate shipped to Maryland, no issues. Excellent company, Highly Recommend.

              Brent Sowul
              Brielle, NJ

              Most pleased with the service, contact with the business, flexibility and willingness to fit my needs for custom work, quality of product, attention to detail and personal treatment. This is what a business should be and is. I can't say enough about the operation. Will recommend to others and look them up again if more work is needed. Cheers from southeast Alaska!

              Peter Degen
              Anchorage, AK

              Top notch. Superior product, amazing service. Thick tanks that are coated to last longer. Go call around anywhere else and see how terrible the other guy's service is, then call Welding World. You will be happy you did.

              John George
              Miami, FL

              Thank you so much to Eddy for helping us get a fuel tank for our Cape Horn. We looked online and found Welding World. Never made this big of a purchase online, I was a little nervous. Eddy answered the phone and helped me through the whole purchase, build, and delivery. The tank was absolutely perfect. We will definitely tell our friends about Welding World! If you need anything welded, call Eddie.
              Thanks Again!

              Jolanda Hammond
              St. Louis. MS

              I was given Welding World's information from a friend who had a fuel tank built for his boat. He was very impressed with the workmanship and turnaround time so I gave them a call. The very first thing was that Eddy answered the phone every time I called or returned my call within a few minutes which is refreshing if you've ever dealt with marine people! I gave Eddy a brief description of what I needed and made an appointment to bring my boat down. The first we noticed was what an amazing operation they have, multiple bays set up for specific types of work, clean, organized and a very friendly staff. They're all extremely professional and patient. At Welding World, you will NOT be disappointed!

              John Whalen
              Palm Beach, FL

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